Peer Support Groups​

Have you ever felt like you were not being listened to or being able to express yourself? Setting goals, finding a job, understanding services, having trouble using public transportation, or a place to speak your mind in an appropriate way. Come to Center for Self Advocacy.

The purpose for having social support groups is for everyone to help each other learn how to problem solve challenges they may be facing. Topics include speaking up for yourself and expressing what you want, employment finding a job, and keeping a job, housing/group homes how you want to live, interacting with staff with self direction. We will include arts and crafts and any other fun activities that the group wants.

Disability and Identity Peer Support Group

Disability and Identity is a weekly discussion with self-advocates about disability and identity. Topics include:

  • disability arts and culture

  • disability history

  • race, class, ethnicity, and disability

  • disability, gender, and sexuality

  • accessibility and universal design

  • interdependence and disability community

If you are interested, please contact the office 716-768-1795 or email Andrew Marcum, PhD

If you are interested in being a part of the social support group, please contact Center for Self Advocacy at 716-768-1795. We have the groups at Center for Self Advocacy. We also provide the service at different venues such as community centers, schools, and service provider agencies.

Thank you from the staff from CSA.

To find out more information, please give us a call or send us an email