The Center for Self Advocacy travel training program launched back in 2016.

The travel training is a peer to peer model; where in, people with disabilities instructed other people with disabilities to use public transportation and other forms for an example, using Paratransit, subway, and an Uber were available in Erie Co., NY.

We developed plans and reviewed progress according to individual needs.

Our goal was to promote individual independence. We worked with a variety of other stakeholders to reach success.

Peer Empowerment Network Program started in 2017.

With our PEN (Peer Empowerment Network) Program, people with developmental disabilities that we are serving will attend a variety of workshops.  These workshops will help people learn how to transition from high school to adulthood, as well as learning how to maintain adulthood. Those who attend these workshops will learn how to interact with other people, how to look for a job, advocacy skills, conflict resolution, problem solving and more.  The workshops are facilitated by our staff, who have a disability themselves.  This program is sponsored by The Peter and Elizabeth C. Tower Foundation. The program is still going strong.

Center for Self-Advocacy at Cantalician Center.

Educating people with developmental disabilities, having fun and learning about self advocacy and making an impact.